Reflection on this year

This semester has been definitely an experience from being selected as a team lead to coming up with a finished product on deadline day. We learned a lot of things this semester. We learned how to find secondary research to help back up our data that our main question was based around. We learned how to find out what are the best ways to get the most results and most efficient way to survey. We ended up creating a survey and sent it out to all students here at WVWC. What we found out was the best way to get people to respond was to include some incentives for taking this survey.  Yes we did have some errors and struggles through this experience, like lack of communication and not using our time to our advantage. This class has taught me and my group how to do market research affectively, this has showed us that we need to take more time with how we make our survey and how we decide to send it out. We definitely respect those who are market researchers in real life as a career because we understand how time consuming it is and how hard it is to get results.

Thank you professor Conrad for an amazing semester you have taught us all a great deal on marketing research!

Smart Decision Making with Unthinkable Media

This podcast started off with the Social Media Examiner, Michael Steltzner talking with Jay Acunzo, the founder of Unthinkable Media and is also an expert in the production of docuseries and video marketing for B2B businesses. The podcast focus was on why their are bad decisions made in marketing. Also on how to reverse the bad decisions and make them good ones, and finally telling us future marketers not to rely on guidance practices because its not always in our best interests.


The first answer on how to make better decisions is by asking better more efficient questions. crafting your questions is a very important way of avoiding bad decisions because, it makes you plan out what you want from the decision making process and helps you make it seemed more organized when you know what you really want. To turn these bad decisions into good decisions you need to not rely on conventional wisdom, new trends or reactions. meaning don’t just base your decisions off of what you know whats been presented to you through trends or how ever you feel at the time most likely if you do any of those you’re bound to make a bad decision.

Errors With Survey Taking and How We Plan To Eliminate Them



Intentional fieldworker errors


Cheating: this really won’t have an effect on our specific questioning because its mainly based off of your own experiences and will automatically have their survey submitted if they have never attended our school.

Leading Respondents: going back to cheating our subjects will be evaluated based off of their experiences here alone.


Unintentional Errors


Misunderstandings: We have a specific system, so it brings our subjects to answers based off of what they chose for the beginning question and our questions all have detailed answers and also they have another option just in case one of our subjects has a different opinion on something.

Fatigue: our survey is short and sweet it won’t take more than 5 minutes to finish at a maximum of 5 questions per choice.



Intentional Errors


Falsehoods: our questions don’t ask anything personal or revealing and we don’t ask for identity, so we encourage them to be as honest as possible with their answers.

Non-Response: We have an option for other on every question we have just incase something does not fit the way they feel about something so that eliminates a non-responsive rate




Misunderstanding: just like fieldworker errors we have a specific arrangement of questions to help you follow through the questions we have selected for your choices and you wont have to do anything but answer the question and click next.

Guessing: their shouldn’t be any guessing because its on how they feel but if so we have an other option

Attention Loss: We will let the person who is taking the survey it will only take about 5 minutes and their response on this survey is highly appreciated and will be used to improve life here at Wesleyan.

Distractions: We plan on having our subjects take the survey in private so there are no distractions to maybe hinder some of their answers.

Fatigue: again our survey should not take longer than 5 minutes

Why WVWC Students Like Wesleyan and Why Do They Want to Stay

A brief introduction to our project is that we plan on figuring out the perception of West Virginia Wesleyan College students and why they like it here and maybe even some reasons they don’t like it here. We want to create a survey to grab a sample size of around 100 students to get the information we need to help out the school and its problem with enrollment.


As it goes with responsibilities for our team I am the team lead for the project and I will distribute out the amount of surveys for each one of our amazing members of my team, Shannon Shawgo, Kobe Vinegar, Maddison Cunningham, Katie Davis, Damien Crayne, Dusan Vicentic, Luka Petrovic. With all these members in our team we have a large amount of strengths. Being, we have an extremely good way of communicating with eachother, we all get along and are able to talk about different ideas and all be able to come up with one common goal or idea. We all come from different kinds of backgrounds, so we can generate a fairly well survey with different sorts of data through many different students. A weakness with our team is that it is a bit of a struggle for everyone able to meet because most of us play a sport or are very involved around campus, so meetings are difficult to come by.


I am thrilled to see what this team has to offer towards this project and I know everyone will pull there part to be able to come up with accurate and credible data!

OKCupids Research Release of 2016


The company OKCupid released a bunch of their research and data about their customers that had broken some of the rules and regulations of the Insights Associations code of standards and ethics. What happened was that OKCupid somehow got their information leaked out to the entire world and 70,000 people got their information and data leaked with it. The whole internet was on fire that day people scared about their personal information and other intimate details about themselves going all over the place world-wide and OKCupid getting serious backlash from it.

Not only did 70,000 people get their information get leaked but OKCupid got exposed for some of the rules that they were breaking according to the Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics. OKCupid was getting backlash for even doing research on these people because doing this on a dating website os very risky with the questions you can ask for it not to break protocol. The conductors of the “data dump” were two researchers who used a certain software to “Scrape” the data off OkCupid’s website and then uploaded the data onto an online forum where researchers can share raw data to increase transparency and collaboration across social science. The Conductors of this insane break of protocol said that “OKCupid was a great website for survey data because of how many questions they ask to their consumers to match them with the right person”. But with that being said the data set reveals super deep personal information about many people who use the websites and how they live their lives. OkCupid usually asks questions on topics like what are your sexual habits,  your political views, How do you feel about homosexuality, and other things like that but thats just how they match people on the site. The “data dump” did not reveal anyone’s real name. But it’s entirely possible to use clues from a user’s location, demographics, and OkCupid user name to determine their identity.



The Insights Association Code of standards and ethics states that participants in studies have the right to informed consent. They have a right to know how their data will be used, and they have the right to withdraw their data from that research. So anybody that uses that information for research is underneath the those codes as unethical and you will be punished for doing so.

I found most of my research through Vox by the writer and jorunalist Brian Resnick.

Go Mart Ad Campaign

My group and I had to create a campaign proposal for the company of Go Mart a gas company mainly based out of West Virginia.  For the past four months we have been working with the marketing director for Go Mart Terry Smith. She gave us a budget to work with of 25000 dollars and if she liked our proposal she would raise it to 50000. My group and I came up with really good ideas a put together a well thought of and smartly put together project. Terry told us her objective on what we needed to do, it was that she wanted to get generation z to increase their foot traffic through the stores. so this is what we came up with.

our target audience was identified by these characteristics.

    • Age 18-23yrs
    • Full time/Part time student
    • Education level (i.e. high school degree, college degree)
    • People looking for work, Full time/Part time workers
    • Annual Income level
    • People who own a vehicle

so with that information on our customer we knew the best way to reach out to this generation was through their phones because every person between that age group is always on their phone. So our media plan to get their attention wasn’t to hard to think of, it was


  • Geo-Fencing


    • An online software where you can select geographical regions by tracking people’s phone when they enter the selected area
    • Plan on putting a zone around high schools and college campuses in order to increase impressions on Generation Z to give a better Brand Image for Go-Mart
    • Plan on putting a fence around the competitors in town on Speedway and Sheetz


  • Digital Billboard


    • Rent out a local billboard around West Virginia Wesleyan College on North Locust Street by the Donut Shop
    • Billboard will cost $500/month for an 8 second slot that will end up playing a couple 100 times a day
    • Billboard should generate more impressions, therefore increasing the potential for in store traffic


  • Social Media


  • There is a Social Media training convention in Washington D.C.
  • Best way to reach younger people is through social media, so being professionally trained to use these outlets would be extremely beneficial
  • We suggest that they really pick up their Twitter presence

Back to our budget we spread out the money as best as we could in each of these but we felt that social media needed more funds then the other two but that because thats the number one way to reach out to our target audience.

we had 60% of our budget in social media, 28.8% into geo fencing  and 11.2 into our billboard.                        go-mart

Adds Throughout My Day

I see plenty of adds every single day, from sports adds to restaurant adds and yesterday I payed close attention to all the adds around me and what sorts of adds I saw, and how they were enhanced, written, shown off and etc. I saw probably over 100 adds just in one day. I mainly saw adds on my I phone and computer, with the exception of also seeing them on my television, hearing them on my radio and seeing them around the town.


One add I ended up seeing on my phone through Twitter was a movie trailer for the new movie that just came out on Friday Nov 10th Daddy’s Home 2. it was just a simple task, just to put a short 2 min clip of an upcoming movie on a website, but by just doing that gave them so much free publicity that they barely had to promote it on television. The producers approach towards this was very easy and smart. With citizens today always being on their phone and almost everyone has a twitter account. So, promoting this movie through social media was not a very hard decision


Another add I saw was on my television, obviously you see plenty of adds on television but this one stuck out to me a lot and it was a commercial for the new Call of Duty World War Two. All this commercial was, was a cut scene from the new game and showing off some cinematic gameplay. By just showing that short clip got all gamers in the world super excited and couldn’t wait to be apart of that community, the giant world of the gamer community.


I saw an add while going to the store the other day was a sheetz, add for a buy a sandwich from their made to order menu and you get a free any size drink with that. and I think that was a really smart idea coming from a college student where we only have one place to eat on campus without spending money, so with me seeing this add it Brought me in to pay for more food with feeling like I got a deal with getting that free drink. making me feel better about spending money knowing that I saved more money.


NFL Rating Drops Affect TV Advertisements

The NFL has had a couple of issues the past couple weeks, and because of these issues television ratings have plummeted.  With these ratings going down so fast endorsers are spending less money and time trying to get their advertisements on television commercials in between games.  Also with these ratings dropping at unbelievable rates the NFL is losing tons of money from these endorsers and fans.


“During the past month the overall stock market is up more than 2% but shares of companies that broadcast NFL games–Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS–are all down between 1% to 8%”. The NFL is costing companies that have paid to broadcast their games profit because of this issue going on an will make these companies not want to pay for broadcasting rights for games anymore which implies that the NFL would lose even more money as a company.


The NFLs top broadcasting networks Fox and CBS have been affected the worst out of all the networks.  with fox having a 8% drop in ratings and CBS having a 14% in early hours in the day and a 24% drop on late night television. this data coming from the most recent week in NFL games week 6 OCT 15th.


The biggest impact that this is definitely going to have on both the NFL broadcasters and companies is the fact that they are missing out on both the chance to endorse themselves and also they are not getting any kind of attention to help with the proper amount of exposure that they should be receiving. A recent article published in Business Insider talks about how the massive ratings drop will end up costing the NFL broadcasters a minimum of $200 million to pay off the amount of debt that has already been accumulated since the beginning of the season, and that number is only seen to continue to grow as the season continues to go forward.

Many people are trying to piece together everything that is going and and trying to figure out how long this might last for. ESPN is one of the many places that continues to keep updates on the continuous drop in ratings that the NFL is suffering from with each week that goes by. An even more recent articles from Sports Illustrated talks about how ratings have actually dropped from 7% to 7.5%, meaning that each day it only continues to get worse and worse for the NFL network. Hopefully the networks will be able to figure out a solution to this situation before it starts to really negatively affect people such as job loss and the shutting down of network broadcasting.

Interaction Media

Being a college student with a business major, I love it when people from the real world with successful businesses come and speak to our class. It gives us what it is really like to be apart of a business, instead of just learning about something you probably won’t even encounter out in the business world.  Mike Arbogast, employee of Interaction Media in Morgantown, West Virginia, came and spoke to our class on Monday September 11th and gave us some great advice on how to be successful in not only the business world but in life as well. What I learned from Mr. Arbogast, was how much teamwork is a huge factor in being successful and how you can’t just think about yourself and what you want, you have to look at the big picture and what is the best and most efficiant way to get the project/job done.

To show us how much teamwork is needed he gave us as a class a little experiment to do. He split the class in half and gave all of us a card with a picture on it. The cards had a specific series they were supposed to go in. So us as a class had to get up and put ourselves in order based on the pictures but, the catch was we couldn’t look at any other picture but our own. Both sides ended up getting everything correct. afterwards he discussed how important teamwork is to be able to finish what is best for the company. because with out the company you don’t have a job and your not making money.

Mr. Arbogast also talked about goals, like what your goals should be if you plan on or want to own a business some day. They weren’t complicated goals but they were realistic and attainable goals. Now these shouldn’t just be your goals forever, you should have multiple goals and keep coming up with new ones. But the goals he said were “What do you want your company to look like in 5 years”? ‘How much money to you want to make’? “How many more Customers do you need to reach those goals”? just three simple goals that you need to be just a tiny bit successful.

Meeting Mr. Arbogast was amazing and it taught me so much about business and what to do right and want not to do to be a successful business owner. he Brought energy and realism to our class room which was much needed and taught us more about what really goes on inside a business.

What Influences A Consumer To buy A Product.

There are specific steps that goes through many consumers minds when buying a product, In fact they have a model for this exact process it is called the Consumer Decision Journey the steps go

  1. the consumer considers an initial set of brands based on brand perceptions and exposure to recent touch points.
  2. consumers add or subtract brands as they evaluate what they want.
  3. ultimately, the consumer selects a brand at the moment or purchase.
  4. after purchasing a product or service the consumer builds expectations based on experience to inform the next decision journey.

As you can see brands have a huge impact on the choice that consumers make. one little symbol could mean the difference of paying $60 to paying only $20. I know brands have a bigger impact than that because people don’t just want the brand because it feels good or it fits well, They want the brand like Nike or Under Armor because of the popular status they get from wearing it. Me for example I love Nike its my favorite brand and I rarely buy any other one. I like it because not only do they make great sport gear for when I’m playing football but in my opinion they look the best out of all the other sports brands, and thats how most people look at it when purchasing something. Will it get the job done, does it look nice, how long will it last.

Brands and price have a huge impact on wether a person buys a product or doesn’t. Both of them are important factors but in some occasions one will override the other when it comes to the type of customer your dealing with. like for an example of when price may override the brand, iPhone charger cords, if you buy a cord from apple themselves its like $40, but when you go to Walmart and see one from some other brand it might only be $10. I know my self I don’t even own the original one that came with the phone I have one I bought from Walmart and I’ve had it for over a year. But when it comes to clothes I won’t buy anything unless its Nike because I love that brand so much. now no I don’t buy everything Nike sells I would prefer to buy the cheaper Nike stuff like the things on clearance. so in my personal preference I like to buy Nike but I don’t like to spend a fortune.

I think its crazy how many decisions there are when it comes to purchasing a product from what you like, to what you want so spend, to where you want to buy it from and etc. Its amazing to me how some people are willing to spend fortunes on what they want because of their favorite brands rather than just buy the cheaper version of that product and also how much people don’t even bother to worry about brand at all and get the cheapest version of that product as possible.